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Social Media Experts Queensland 

Flying Social is an innovative and forward thinking provider of social media marketing and training. Leading the charge in ensuring that businesses are not left behind online and are, instead, using social media effectively to grow their business (and their bottom line if that’s what’s important).

Founded by Jenne Gimenez, Flying Social is based in Townsville and provide services from Local to National and even International clients. Flying Social is committed to providing its clients with solutions that work. Jenne is our Social Media Management specialist, who also takes care of all the technical computer and geeky work for you behind the scenes. Unlike so many businesses out there, Flying Social ACTUALLY CARES about its client’s results.

Flying Social can provide Social Media Marketing and Social Media Training for its clients, depending on how hands-on you want to be with your Social Media Campaign. There are different packages available that can focus on teaching you, doing it for you, or a combination of both.

Simply put, if you don’t want to be left behind in marketing your business effectively, you should contact the Flying Social today! They’ll put their name on the line to create results for you and your business.

You’ve found the Social Media Experts you’re looking for!


Jenne Gimenez 

I have passion for ensuring businesses are capitalising as much as possible on social media trends. From big to small businesses, from online to brick & mortar, my Social Media Marketing Strategies build communities, customers and fan bases who not only like pages, but make purchases too!

The last several years I have immersed  myself into marketing and business development via Social Selling online.

Business has always been a passion of mine. I have a special love for understanding the mechanics of everything Business, from getting my hand dirty and lifting 20kgs bags of glue into the back of a ute while creating business relationship with tradies to meeting deadlines for reports and hitting sales targets, not to forget to mention tech-geeky side! 

So it was only natural that I ended up following my heart into helping those I knew need it most, Small / Medium Businesses. I knew the struggles all too well, struggle to find the Time to do book work, etc, as a business owner and to now understanding Social Media Marketing too. 

I know the importance of having a strong, consistent and visually attractive online presence that speaks to your unique audience effectively and with purpose.

To the secrets of Engagement which are proven by so many case studies I have had the pleasure of  being handed down with and taught by industry leaders in many online communities, some were private mentorship one – on- one with 7-Figure earners and thought leaders.

I stand firm to bring the best of what I have learnt to the table with all those that I personally work with … no secrets, just the best to suit each and every different and unique individual business owners.

So, I can’t wait to work with you!! I truly mean that .. and for getting this far into my story, I want to start with a SPECIAL Gift below & you know what even if we don’t work together, what is in that Special Gift will help you on your journey to achieving massive results for your Business! 

Till next time, be like the bird in flight and soar!! 


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